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Top 10 Shelters for Adopting Pet Rabbits

For high-quality adoption and care of pet rabbits, consider these leading shelters: Best Friends Animal Society, House Rabbit Society, Rabbit Haven, SaveABunny, Bunny Bunch, Luv-N-Bunns Rescue Efforts, Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue, Midwest Rabbit Rescue, Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue, and Colorado House Rabbit Society.

These organizations excel in animal welfare, provide thorough medical care, and ensure thorough adoption processes. They emphasize compatibility, health, and education, making them ideal for adopting a healthy, well-adjusted rabbit. By continuing, you’ll discover more specifics on their exceptional adoption services and how they promote excellent rabbit health and welfare.

Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is a leading organization dedicated to advancing animal welfare through thorough no-kill initiatives and strategic collaboration with shelters nationwide. By focusing on no-kill initiatives, we’re not just saving lives; we’re fundamentally transforming how communities care for homeless pets. Our approach includes rigorous partnerships with local shelters, aiming to elevate the national save rate in a meaningful way.

Our success hinges on robust community involvement. We actively encourage individuals to volunteer, foster, sponsor, and advocate for homeless pets. This participatory model has proven effective, as engaging with Best Friends results in a twofold improvement in animal welfare outcomes. Volunteering and fostering provide immediate relief to overcrowded shelters, while sponsorship and advocacy generate long-term support and awareness.

The Best Friends Animal Society‘s no-kill initiatives go beyond basic care. We employ clinical terminology and health-focused strategies to ensure each animal receives thorough medical treatment, behavioral rehabilitation, and emotional support. This holistic approach guarantees that pets aren’t only saved but thrive in their new homes.

House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society stands at the forefront of rabbit welfare and education, offering extensive resources on care, behavior, and health to promote the well-being of these delicate pets. As a nonprofit organization, they tirelessly advocate for the humane treatment of rabbits, working to mitigate overpopulation through targeted interventions and educational outreach. We can trust their expertise, given their scientific approach to rabbit care and behavioral enrichment.

Their adoption services are meticulously designed to match rabbits with loving forever homes. This process includes thorough health assessments and personalized care instructions, ensuring each adopter is well-equipped to provide excellent care. With chapters across the United States and internationally, House Rabbit Society‘s network extends far and wide, making them a pivotal resource in rabbit welfare.

Their educational materials cover a broad spectrum of topics, from dietary needs and housing requirements to common health issues and behavioral cues. This all-encompassing approach empowers us to understand and meet our rabbits’ complex needs better. By promoting informed care and responsible adoption, House Rabbit Society not only supports individual pet owners but also contributes to broader systemic changes in rabbit welfare practices. Let’s embrace this opportunity to learn and provide the best for our pets.

Rabbit Haven

cozy rabbit rescue shelter

At Rabbit Haven, we prioritize a thorough adoption process to guarantee each rabbit finds a suitable home, focusing on compatibility and proper care.

Our organization also offers numerous volunteer opportunities, allowing community members to engage in hands-on rabbit welfare activities.

Adoption Process Overview

Rabbit Haven implements a meticulous adoption process to guarantee each rabbit is matched with a responsible and loving home, starting with a detailed questionnaire and culminating in a thorough home visit.

We begin by asking potential adopters to complete an extensive questionnaire designed to assess their readiness and ability to provide an ideal environment for the rabbit. This initial step helps us understand the adopter’s lifestyle, housing situation, and experience with pets.

Following the questionnaire, we conduct a home visit. This essential step allows us to evaluate the living conditions firsthand, ensuring the rabbit will be entering a safe and suitable habitat. During the visit, we check for potential hazards and provide recommendations to create a rabbit-friendly space. The home visit is key in our adoption process; it ensures each rabbit’s health and well-being are prioritized.

An adoption fee, typically ranging from $65 to $85, is required to finalize the adoption. This fee covers the rabbit’s spay/neuter status and contributes to the continued care of other rabbits at Rabbit Haven.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Embracing volunteer opportunities at Rabbit Haven allows us to greatly enhance the quality of life and well-being of rescued rabbits through direct care, socialization, and enrichment activities. By participating, we not only support essential rabbit care but also foster a sense of freedom and well-being for these animals. Our roles can range from cleaning enclosures and feeding to providing companionship and socialization, each crucial for the rabbits’ mental and physical health.

Fostering rabbits is another impactful way we can contribute. By offering temporary homes, we free up space at Rabbit Haven for more rescues and provide these rabbits with a nurturing environment that promotes their rehabilitation. Foster volunteers receive thorough training and support, ensuring we’re well-equipped to meet the rabbits’ needs.

These volunteer opportunities also involve enrichment activities, like creating stimulating environments and interactive play sessions, essential for the rabbits’ cognitive and emotional health. Through our efforts, we enable the rabbits to lead healthier, more enriched lives while awaiting permanent adoption.

Volunteering at Rabbit Haven isn’t just a service; it’s a commitment to the welfare and freedom of these gentle creatures.


At SaveABunny, we facilitate a thorough and health-focused adoption process to guarantee each rabbit finds a suitable home.

Our organization also offers numerous volunteer opportunities, enabling community members to contribute directly to rabbit welfare.

For new owners, we provide robust support, including educational resources and medical guidance, to promote ideal rabbit care.

Adoption Process Details

SaveABunny guarantees a meticulous adoption process, involving an application, interview, and home visit to secure a suitable match between the adopter and the rabbit. This thorough approach ensures that potential adopters are fully committed and equipped to provide a long-term, loving home. The initial application helps us understand your lifestyle and readiness for the responsibilities of rabbit care. An interview follows, where we discuss your expectations and any previous experience with rabbits. A critical part of the adoption process is the home visit, where we assess the environment to make sure it’s safe and suitable for a rabbit.

ApplicationFill out a detailed form about your lifestyle and readiness for rabbit care.
InterviewDiscuss expectations, previous experience, and rabbit care knowledge.
Home VisitAssess home environment for safety and suitability for a rabbit.
Health ChecksEnsure rabbits are spayed/neutered, socialized, and healthy before adoption.
EducationProvide resources and guidance on rabbit care to ensure a successful adoption.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Volunteers play an essential role in maintaining the welfare of rabbits at SaveABunny by engaging in tasks such as socialization, habitat cleaning, and event support. Our dedicated volunteers contribute immensely to the overall health and behavioral well-being of the rabbits in our care.

By participating in socializing rabbits, volunteers help reduce stress, promote positive interactions, and enhance the rabbits’ adaptability to new environments, thereby increasing their chances of successful adoption.

The volunteer opportunities at SaveABunny are diverse and critical. Daily tasks include cleaning habitats to maintain a sanitary living space, which is crucial for preventing disease and maintaining optimal health. Volunteers also assist with enrichment activities, providing mental and physical stimulation essential for the rabbits’ well-being.

Additionally, event support allows us to raise awareness and funds, furthering our mission to rescue and rehabilitate rabbits.

Support for New Owners

New rabbit owners receive thorough support and resources to guarantee their pets thrive, including detailed guides on care, behavior, and health. At SaveABunny, we provide in-depth adoption guides and educational materials designed to guarantee a smooth change for your new pet. Our post-adoption support is excellent, helping you navigate any challenges that might arise.

To give you a clearer picture of the resources available, here’s a table summarizing our support:

Adoption GuidesStep-by-step instructions on care, behavior, and health.
Post-Adoption SupportOngoing guidance to address any issues and ensure a seamless shift.
Bonding AdviceExpert tips on bonding with multiple rabbits and introducing them to other pets.
Safe Environment TipsStrategies for creating a secure and enriching habitat for your bunny.

Our experienced team is always ready to offer advice on topics such as bonding with multiple rabbits, introducing them to other pets, and creating a safe environment. By adopting from SaveABunny, you’re not just gaining a furry companion; you’re also contributing to the rescue and care of more rabbits in need. We believe in freedom and flexibility, ensuring that you and your new pet have the best start together.

Bunny Bunch

bunny adoption event details

Providing essential medical care and support, Bunny Bunch is a reputable shelter dedicated to rescuing and rehoming pet rabbits. Our mission revolves around saving and enhancing the lives of rabbits through thorough health interventions and diligent care. At Bunny Bunch, we guarantee that every rabbit receives necessary medical treatments, vaccinations, and behavioral assessments, laying the groundwork for their well-being.

We understand that adopting a rabbit means integrating them into an environment where they can thrive. Our shelter not only focuses on medical care but also on educating potential adopters about rabbit health and care. We provide detailed guidance on nutrition, habitat, and overall wellness, ensuring that our rabbits smoothly integrate into their new homes.

Adopting from Bunny Bunch is more than just rescuing a rabbit; it’s committing to a lifestyle that values freedom and well-being. While you’re enjoying an afternoon with a cup of tea or savoring bubble tea (boba), imagine the joy a happy, healthy rabbit can bring into your life.

Bunny Bunch supports a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about giving rabbits the best possible life. By supporting Bunny Bunch, we can collectively make a significant impact on the lives of these wonderful animals.


Luv-N-Bunns, based in Pennsylvania, excels in rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned and neglected rabbits through thorough medical care, spaying/neutering, and socialization. As a premier rescue organization, we prioritize rabbit welfare by guaranteeing each rabbit receives detailed health evaluations and necessary medical treatments. Our dedicated team of veterinarians and volunteers works tirelessly to rehabilitate these animals, addressing both their physical and psychological needs.

Our spaying and neutering program is integral to our mission, as it prevents overpopulation and enhances the overall health and longevity of the rabbits. Post-surgery, we focus on socialization to ensure these rabbits are well-adjusted and ready for adoption. Our rabbits are housed in a stress-free environment where they can interact with other rabbits and humans, fostering trust and social behaviors.

Moreover, we host regular adoption events designed to connect potential adopters with our rehabilitated rabbits. These events also serve as educational platforms, where we provide resources on proper rabbit care, diet, and habitat requirements. By educating the public, we aim to promote a culture of responsible pet ownership.

Having rehomed hundreds of rabbits, Luv-N-Bunns remains a beacon of hope for rabbits in need, continuously advocating for their health and well-being.

Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue

rescuing rabbits in brambley

Just like Luv-N-Bunns, Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue has dedicated over 20 years to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of abandoned and neglected rabbits, emphasizing thorough veterinary care and public education on proper rabbit care and the importance of spaying and neutering.

As a non-profit organization, they’ve made it their mission to guarantee that every rabbit receives the necessary medical treatment and a chance for a better life.

Our team at Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue understands the complexities involved in rabbit care. We prioritize in-depth health assessments, routine vaccinations, and spaying or neutering procedures to prevent overpopulation. Educating the public about rabbit care is another cornerstone of our mission. We believe that informed pet owners make for healthier, happier rabbits.

When it comes to adoption, we maintain a rigorous screening process to match rabbits with suitable forever homes. This meticulous approach ensures that each rabbit’s unique needs are met, providing both the adopter and the rabbit with the best chance for a successful, lifelong bond.

Supporting Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue means contributing to the welfare and well-being of rescued rabbits in our community. By choosing to adopt from us, you’re not just gaining a pet; you’re helping us continue our crucial rescue efforts.

Midwest Rabbit Rescue

At Midwest Rabbit Rescue, we prioritize a thorough adoption process to guarantee each rabbit finds a suitable home.

We’re also proud to offer extensive volunteer opportunities, essential for sustaining our mission of enhancing rabbit welfare.

Adoption Process Explained

To adopt a rabbit from Midwest Rabbit Rescue, applicants must complete a thorough process that includes an application, an interview, and a meeting with potential rabbit companions. The adoption process begins with a detailed application where prospective adopters provide information about their living situation, prior experience with rabbits, and their expectations for adopting a new pet. This allows us to assess compatibility and make sure that the rabbits are placed in suitable, loving homes.

Following the application, an interview is conducted to explore further into the applicant’s readiness and commitment. Midwest Rabbit Rescue prioritizes the health and well-being of our rabbits, so we also conduct home visits. These visits are essential for verifying that the environment is safe and appropriate for a rabbit. During these visits, we offer guidance on rabbit care, behavior, and health needs, ensuring new owners are well-prepared.

Adoption fees typically range from $50 to $150, depending on factors like age, health, and spay/neuter status. This fee helps cover medical expenses and supports our rescue efforts.

Post-adoption, we provide continuous support and resources to guarantee a smooth integration of the rabbit into its new home and a successful outcome.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

In addition to our thorough adoption process, Midwest Rabbit Rescue offers rewarding volunteer opportunities for individuals passionate about improving the lives of rescued rabbits. Volunteers play a pivotal role in enhancing the health and well-being of these animals. By participating, individuals can assist with feeding, cleaning, grooming, and providing essential enrichment activities that promote both physical and mental health.

Volunteer shifts at Midwest Rabbit Rescue typically range from 2-4 hours, allowing flexibility to accommodate various schedules. This flexibility guarantees that even those with busy lives can contribute meaningfully. The activities carried out by volunteers are vital for the rabbits’ overall welfare, greatly boosting their chances for adoption.

Signing up for volunteer shifts is straightforward through our online platform, and thorough training is provided by our experienced rescue staff. This ensures that volunteers are well-prepared and supported, fostering a positive and impactful experience. By engaging in these volunteer opportunities, individuals can directly influence the lives of rescued rabbits, making a tangible difference in their journey towards finding permanent homes.

At Midwest Rabbit Rescue, we believe in empowering our volunteers to make a lasting impact, fostering a compassionate community dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of rescued rabbits.

Shelter’s Mission Statement

Midwest Rabbit Rescue is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned and neglected rabbits while providing essential medical care and socialization to guarantee their well-being. Our mission encompasses more than just the rescue; it involves thorough rehabilitation to restore health and trust in these animals. We offer essential medical treatments and socialization to prepare them for their future homes.

Our team is firmly committed to educating the public on proper rabbit care and the importance of spaying and neutering. This education is important for preventing future neglect and abandonment. Each rabbit’s journey from rescue to rehome is carefully managed to ensure they find loving, forever homes.

We believe that promoting responsible rabbit ownership and advocating for their well-being has a significant impact on our community. We work tirelessly to match each rabbit with the right family, ensuring a happy and healthy future.

Here’s a breakdown of our mission and activities:

RescueSave abandoned and neglected rabbitsProvide safety
RehabilitateMedical care and socializationRestore health and trust
RehomeMatch rabbits with forever homesEnsure long-term well-being
EducatePublic education on rabbit care, spaying, and neuteringPrevent neglect
AdvocatePromote responsible ownership and rabbit welfareImpact community positively

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

rescuing rabbits with magic

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue’s commitment to providing thorough medical care, including spaying and neutering, guarantees the health and well-being of rescued rabbits. Operating in Houston, this nonprofit organization excels in rescuing and rehoming abandoned and neglected rabbits. By prioritizing medical interventions, such as vaccinations and parasite treatments, we secure each rabbit’s best health before rehoming.

Our approach encompasses more than just medical care. We focus on the socialization and psychological well-being of our rabbits. By providing a nurturing environment, we prepare them for successful integration into forever homes. This all-encompassing care model enables us to address not only the physical but also the emotional needs of our rabbits, setting them up for long-term success.

Fostering is another cornerstone of our mission. We offer opportunities for individuals to temporarily care for these animals, which helps alleviate shelter crowding and enhances each rabbit’s adaptability.

Through the generous support of donations and community involvement, Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue continues to positively impact the lives of rabbits in Houston.

Colorado House Rabbit Society

Colorado House Rabbit Society, a leading non-profit, excels in rescuing and rehoming domestic rabbits while providing essential education on rabbit care and behavior. Their mission focuses on promoting the welfare of domestic rabbits, ensuring they receive the proper attention and medical care they deserve. By prioritizing rabbit care, they offer extensive educational resources that help potential adopters make informed decisions about bringing a rabbit into their home.

Their adoption services are designed to match rabbits with loving families that understand the specific needs of these delicate creatures. Each rabbit undergoes a thorough health examination and behavioral assessment to make sure they’re fit for adoption. This meticulous process helps guarantee that adopters are well-prepared to meet the rabbits’ requirements, promoting long-term well-being and happiness for both parties.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Colorado House Rabbit Society. These dedicated individuals assist in various capacities, from daily rabbit care to facilitating adoption events. Their efforts are vital in maintaining the high standards of care and operational efficiency that the Society is known for.


We’ve explored some of the top rabbit adoption shelters, such as Best Friends Animal Society and House Rabbit Society. These organizations excel in providing thorough care, including spaying/neutering and health screenings.

By choosing to adopt from places like Rabbit Haven or SaveABunny, we’re not only gaining a furry companion but also supporting exceptional rescue efforts. Our collective commitment to responsible pet ownership and these reputable shelters guarantees a healthier, happier future for our adopted rabbits.

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