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7 Awesome Pet Rabbit Subscription Boxes You Need to Try

We’ve compiled a list of seven must-try subscription boxes for your pet rabbit. BinxBox offers curated treats and toys, while Happy Bunny Club focuses on premium chew toys and nutritious snacks. The Hop Box provides themed monthly goodies, and Bunnies That Lunch elevates mealtime with unique treats and toys. features a curated selection with parts of proceeds supporting bunnies in need. Rabbit Subscription Box UK rounds off our list with high-quality snacks and toys from local suppliers. Each option promises to enhance your bunny’s well-being and keep them engaged. Discover more about each of these amazing boxes!


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BinxBox is a beloved subscription service that delivers a monthly dose of joy and well-being for our pet rabbits. Each BinxBox is meticulously curated to guarantee our bunnies receive a delightful mix of healthy treats and engaging toys. With a focus on rabbit health and happiness, the Bunny Subscription offers fantastic value, catering to the diverse needs of our furry friends.

We can choose from various price points, ranging from $17 to $33 per box, making it accessible for different budgets. The boxes are packed with a variety of items, such as chew toys that promote dental health and nutritious treats tailored to our rabbits’ dietary needs. This thoughtful selection ensures our pets stay physically active and mentally stimulated.

BinxBox’s reach is impressive, shipping to the US, Canada, UK, and most other countries worldwide. This global accessibility allows rabbit owners everywhere to provide their pets with quality toys and treats.

Each month, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our BinxBox, knowing it will be filled with bunny-themed delights that bring excitement and nourishment to our cherished companions. By subscribing to BinxBox, we’re not just purchasing products; we’re investing in our rabbits’ happiness and well-being.

Happy Bunny Club

Happy Bunny Club delights our furry friends with monthly subscription boxes filled with carefully curated toys, treats, and goodies designed to keep them entertained and healthy. As bunny lovers, we know how important it’s to provide our pets with safe and engaging products, and Happy Bunny Club delivers just that. Each box is tailored specifically for rabbits, ensuring that every item is bunny-safe and beneficial for their well-being.

Subscribers can look forward to high-quality chew toys, delicious snacks, and enriching products that promote both physical and mental stimulation. Plus, knowing that a portion of the profits goes to support bunnies in need makes this subscription even more rewarding.

Here’s what we can expect from Happy Bunny Club:

  1. Variety of Toys: Engaging and safe chew toys that keep our bunnies active and entertained.
  2. Healthy Treats: Nutritious snacks that our bunnies will love, promoting their overall health.
  3. Enrichment Products: Items designed to stimulate our bunnies’ minds and prevent boredom.
  4. Support for Rabbit Welfare: A portion of the profits is donated to organizations that help bunnies in need.

Happy Bunny Club offers an excellent way to spoil our pets while supporting a good cause.

The Hop Box

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The Hop Box brings monthly themed goodies to our pet rabbits, ensuring they always have something new and exciting to explore. With high-quality rabbit treats and carefully selected toys, each box is designed to keep our bunnies happy and healthy.

Plus, we can feel good knowing a portion of the profits supports bunnies in need.

Monthly Themed Goodies

Subscribers to The Hop Box can delight in receiving monthly themed goodies designed to keep their pet rabbits entertained and content. For rabbit owners looking for a convenient way to spoil their furry friends, The Hop Box offers a perfect solution through its monthly subscription. Each box is meticulously curated with a thoughtful mix of treats and toys, ensuring our bunnies stay happy and active.

Every month brings a new theme, providing us with a fresh assortment of items to explore. Whether it’s a festive holiday theme or a seasonal celebration, there’s always something exciting for both us and our rabbits to look forward to. The Hop Box offers a unique opportunity to discover high-quality products tailored to our pets’ needs, making it an excellent addition to any rabbit owner’s routine.

Here’s a glimpse of what we can typically expect in a Hop Box:

  1. Themed Toys: Engaging and safe toys that match the monthly theme, perfect for keeping our rabbits mentally stimulated.
  2. Healthy Treats: Nutritious snacks that are as delicious as they’re beneficial.
  3. Seasonal Items: Special items that align with the current season or holiday.
  4. Surprise Gifts: Extra goodies that add an element of unexpected joy.

With The Hop Box, each month brings new surprises and endless joy for our beloved rabbits.

High-Quality Rabbit Treats

Beyond the delightful toys and seasonal surprises, The Hop Box truly excels in its dedication to providing high-quality rabbit treats made from premium ingredients. These treats are thoughtfully chosen to guarantee they are both safe and nutritious for our furry friends. As a subscription box committed to rabbit well-being, The Hop Box includes a variety of healthy treats that our bunnies will absolutely love.

What sets The Hop Box apart is its strict commitment to quality. The treats are free from harmful ingredients such as large unprocessed seeds, dairy, egg, or corn kernels. This ensures that our rabbits are not only enjoying their snacks but also staying healthy. By subscribing to The Hop Box, we can pamper our bunnies with delicious and safe snacks while also supporting organizations that aid bunnies in need.

Here’s a quick look at what makes The Hop Box treats stand out:

Premium IngredientsHigh-quality, safe, and nutritiousHealthy snacks for rabbits
Variety of TreatsDifferent treats in each boxKeeps rabbits excited
Harmful Ingredient FreeNo large seeds, dairy, egg, or corn kernelsSafe for rabbit consumption
Subscription ModelMonthly deliveryConvenience & regular supply
Support for Bunny CausesProceeds help rabbit organizationsFeel-good factor

Bunnies That Lunch

Let’s explore ‘Bunnies That Lunch,’ which elevates our bunnies’ mealtime with monthly themed treats and unique bunny toys.

Subscribers can choose from various plans, ensuring our rabbits enjoy healthy snack options tailored to their tastes.

The Enrichment FunBox is a bonus for new sign-ups, making every box an exciting surprise.

Monthly Themed Treats

Bunnies That Lunch delivers monthly themed boxes packed with bunny-safe toys and healthy treats, guaranteeing our furry friends enjoy a delightful surprise every time. Each Bunny Box features carefully selected items that prioritize the health and happiness of our rabbits. The treats included are free from harmful ingredients like large unprocessed seeds, dairy, egg, and corn kernels, making them a safe choice for our pets.

The excitement of receiving a new theme each month keeps things fresh and engaging for both us and our bunnies. These boxes not only provide essential enrichment but also introduce our pets to a variety of different tastes and textures. The convenience of worldwide shipping means every bunny can enjoy these delightful surprises, no matter where we live. Plus, the auto-renew feature guarantees we never miss a box, unless we choose to cancel.

Here are four benefits we can enjoy with Bunnies That Lunch:

  1. Monthly Themed Surprises: Each month brings a new theme, adding variety and excitement.
  2. Healthy Treats: Treats are carefully selected to be bunny-safe and nutritious.
  3. Convenience: Auto-renewal and worldwide shipping make it easy to keep our bunnies happy.
  4. Enrichment: The variety of treats and toys provides essential mental and physical stimulation.

Unique Bunny Toys

Our beloved bunnies will be thrilled with the unique toys included in each Bunnies That Lunch box, designed specifically to entertain and engage them. Each box contains two fun toys that cater to the natural curiosity and playful habits of small animals like rabbits. These toys are carefully selected to guarantee they’re safe and free from harmful ingredients commonly found in pet store products.

Let’s take a closer look at what these boxes offer:

Toy 1Interactive and chewable, perfect for gnawing instincts.
Toy 2Engaging and mentally stimulating, promoting healthy play.
SafetyCrafted from non-toxic materials, ensuring the well-being of our furry friends.

By providing these thoughtfully chosen toys, we can make certain our bunnies stay active and happy. The inclusion of these items not only enhances their playtime but also contributes to their overall well-being. Plus, knowing that a portion of the profits supports bunnies in need makes every purchase feel even more rewarding.

Bunnies That Lunch goes the extra mile by packing their goodies in non-toxic painted cardboard boxes, reflecting their commitment to both our pets and the environment. The sealed letters detailing ingredients and charitable contributions further demonstrate their dedication to quality and care.

Healthy Snack Options

In addition to the unique toys, Bunnies That Lunch also offers a variety of healthy snack options to keep our rabbits both entertained and well-nourished. Each subscription box is packed with an assortment of carefully selected treats that cater to our bunnies’ nutritional needs, ensuring they get a balanced and varied diet.

These snacks aren’t only invigorating but also add a delightful variety to our pets’ daily meals. Here are some of the healthy snack options we can expect from Bunnies That Lunch:

  1. Dandelion Salad: A invigorating mix of dandelion greens that provides essential vitamins and minerals.
  2. Ginkgo Leaves: These leaves are a nutritious addition that supports overall rabbit health.
  3. Herbal Mixes: Carefully blended herbs that offer a range of health benefits and keep our bunnies’ diet interesting.
  4. Dried Vegetables: Crunchy and tasty, these snacks are a hit with rabbits and are packed with nutrients.

Bunny FunBox

easter egg hunt delight

Bunny FunBox delivers a delightful monthly surprise with bunny-safe toys, treats, and carefully chosen items designed to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. When we receive a box from Bunny FunBox, it feels like a little celebration for our beloved pets. Each box includes two toys, two bags of treats, and additional surprise items, ensuring our bunnies have plenty to explore and enjoy.

Unlike some other options, such as the Happy Bunny Club, Bunny FunBox places a strong emphasis on the overall health of our bunnies. They carefully select products to avoid harmful ingredients commonly found in pet store products, such as large unprocessed seeds, dairy, eggs, and corn kernels. This attention to detail gives us peace of mind, knowing that everything in the box is safe and beneficial for our bunnies.

The packaging itself is a treat—non-toxic painted cardboard boxes that are bunny-safe and come with a sealed letter detailing ingredients and charity information. Additionally, a portion of Bunny FunBox’s profits supports bunnies in need, featuring monthly organizations and sponsoring competitions with prizes for deserving bunnies. Bunny FunBox not only delights our pets but also contributes to the greater bunny community.’s monthly subscription service delivers a curated selection of toys, treats, and surprise items designed to delight and engage our pet rabbits. Each box arrives packed in non-toxic painted cardboard, ensuring our bunnies’ safety. What’s more, these boxes come with a sealed letter detailing the ingredients and providing information on the charitable organizations supported by

One of the standout features of is its commitment to quality. The products included are carefully selected to avoid harmful ingredients commonly found in pet store products. This means we can feel confident knowing our bunnies are getting the best. Plus, a portion of the profits is donated to support bunnies in need, with monthly features on organizations that help rabbits.

Here’s what you can expect every month:

  1. Toys: Engaging and safe toys that keep our bunnies entertained.
  2. Treats: Delicious and healthy options that our rabbits will love.
  3. Surprise Items: Unique and fun additions to keep things interesting.
  4. Charity Information: Insight into organizations that supports.

Whether we’re seasoned bunny parents or new owners, provides a thoughtful and exciting way to spoil our furry friends while supporting the bunny community.

Rabbit Subscription Box UK

bunny themed subscription service uk

Rabbit subscription boxes in the UK provide monthly deliveries of bunny-safe toys and healthy treats, ensuring our furry friends stay entertained and well-fed. These boxes are perfect for not just rabbits but also guinea pigs, keeping them engaged with fun toys like a hay ball and nourished with healthy treats.

There are three subscription plans to choose from: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Existing subscribers are automatically enrolled in the Silver package, which strikes a great balance between variety and value. Each box typically contains two toys, two bags of treats, and surprise items, all packed in a non-toxic painted cardboard box with detailed ingredient information.

PlanToys IncludedTreats IncludedSurprise Items

Orders are shipped around the 18th of each month and plans auto-renew unless cancelled, offering the flexibility we all desire. The added advantage is worldwide shipping exclusively for subscribers, making it a convenient choice for pet owners everywhere. Embrace the joy of keeping our furry friends entertained and well-fed with these delightful rabbit subscription boxes from the UK!


We’ve explored some fantastic options for pet rabbit subscription boxes, from BinxBox to Rabbit Subscription Box UK. Each offers unique treats and toys to keep our furry friends happy and healthy.

With so many choices, there’s a perfect box for every bunny’s personality and needs. Don’t wait—subscribe to one of these awesome boxes and watch your rabbit’s excitement grow with each delivery.

Happy hopping!

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