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The 7 Best Places to Adopt a Pet Rabbit in Melbourne

We’ve pinpointed the top seven places in Melbourne for adopting a pet rabbit: RSPCA Victoria and Lort Smith Animal Hospital lead with thorough health checks and vaccinations. The Rabbit Sanctuary and Melbourne Rabbit Rescue provide exceptional medical care and community support.

Save-A-Bunny Melbourne is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned rabbits with meticulous care. PetRescue offers an extensive online directory for efficient adoption searches. Lastly, local veterinary clinics collaborate with rescues to make sure rabbits are in excellent health before adoption. If you’re seeking a healthy rabbit and expert guidance on care, these options won’t disappoint.

RSPCA Victoria

As a prominent animal welfare organization in Australia, RSPCA Victoria offers a thorough adoption program for rabbits that includes desexing, microchipping, and vaccinations. This all-encompassing approach ensures that each rabbit is in peak health before joining a new family of pet owners. We believe that adopting a rabbit from RSPCA Victoria is a responsible choice, as it supports the wider rabbit rescue initiative and promotes animal welfare.

RSPCA Victoria’s adoption program is meticulously designed to prioritize the well-being and happiness of all rabbits in their care. By providing desexing, microchipping, and vaccinations, they eliminate common health concerns and contribute to the longevity and quality of life for these animals. This forward-thinking method reassures us that adopting from them is a wise decision for anyone who values both freedom and responsible pet ownership.

Moreover, the organization’s commitment doesn’t end at adoption. They offer ongoing support and resources for new rabbit owners, ensuring that we’re well-equipped to care for our new pets. This holistic approach highlights RSPCA Victoria as a leading choice for rabbit rescue and adoption in Melbourne, making the shift into pet ownership smooth and informed.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital

Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne stands out for its thorough rabbit adoption program, which includes health checks, vaccinations, and desexing to guarantee each rabbit’s well-being. Our commitment to rabbit health is paramount, ensuring that every adopted rabbit receives detailed medical attention. This attention to detail not only benefits the rabbits but also provides peace of mind for adopters who can be confident in the health of their new pet.

The adoption benefits at Lort Smith are significant. By adopting from us, you’re not just giving a home to a rabbit in need; you’re also supporting the broader mission of rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned animals. Our experienced staff and veterinarians are always available to offer expert advice on rabbit care, diet, and behavior. We focus on educating adopters with essential behavioral tips to guarantee a smooth process and a happy, harmonious home.

Our adoption fees are designed to cover the essential medical treatments, including vaccinations, desexing, and microchipping. This thorough care package ensures that you’re fully prepared to provide a loving, healthy environment for your new rabbit. At Lort Smith, we believe in promoting rabbit health and welfare, making adoption a truly rewarding experience.

The Rabbit Sanctuary

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At The Rabbit Sanctuary, we guarantee that the adoption process is thorough and supportive, prioritizing the health and well-being of each rabbit.

We provide detailed care and support services to educate adopters on proper rabbit care, fostering a successful change to their new homes.

Our mission relies on community support, so we also encourage donations and volunteer efforts to continue helping rabbits in need.

Adoption Process Overview

Ensuring the welfare of rescued rabbits, The Rabbit Sanctuary‘s meticulous adoption process begins with an online application form, followed by a home check to confirm a suitable environment. This structured adoption process underscores the Sanctuary’s commitment to the health and happiness of their rabbits.

Firstly, potential adopters must meet specific adoption requirements through a detailed screening process. This guarantees that the rabbits are placed in homes where they’ll thrive. The application form gathers essential information about the prospective owner’s experience with rabbits, their living situation, and their readiness to commit to a new pet.

After submitting the application, a home check is scheduled. This step is vital to verify that the living conditions are safe and appropriate for a rabbit. The Sanctuary’s team assesses factors such as space, cleanliness, and potential hazards to guarantee a suitable environment.

Adoption fees typically range from $50 to $150, varying based on the rabbit’s age and health status. These fees help cover the costs of medical care and support the Sanctuary’s ongoing rescue efforts.

Additionally, The Rabbit Sanctuary provides ongoing support to adopters, ensuring a smooth process and continued welfare for the rabbits. This holistic approach promotes a successful and fulfilling adoption experience for both the rabbits and their new families.

Care and Support Services

The Rabbit Sanctuary in Melbourne provides comprehensive care and support services to guarantee the well-being and rehabilitation of rescued rabbits. We make sure that every rabbit receives the medical treatment necessary to address health concerns, from routine check-ups to more complex surgeries.

By focusing on rabbit behavior, we tailor rehabilitation plans that suit each individual rabbit’s needs, ensuring they can thrive in a new home environment.

Our team of dedicated volunteers and staff creates a nurturing atmosphere, which is critical for the emotional and physical recovery of these animals. We also emphasize the importance of bonding techniques to help rabbits form strong, healthy relationships with their new families. Understanding rabbit behavior is key to addressing any issues that may arise and ensuring a harmonious household.

To further support new rabbit owners, we offer educational resources and workshops on rabbit care. These sessions cover a variety of essential topics, including diet, habitat setup, and recognizing signs of illness. By empowering owners with knowledge, we help ensure that each rabbit has the best chance at a happy, healthy life.

At The Rabbit Sanctuary, our commitment to care and support extends well beyond the adoption process.

Melbourne Rabbit Rescue

Melbourne Rabbit Rescue’s dedicated team provides essential medical care, spaying/neutering, and socialization to guarantee every rabbit is prepared for adoption into a loving home. We make certain each rabbit is healthy and well-adjusted, ready to find their forever family. Our non-profit organization relies heavily on volunteer opportunities and fundraising events to sustain our rescue efforts. By participating, you’re directly contributing to the well-being of these gentle creatures.

Our commitment extends beyond just rescue. We celebrate rabbit adoption success stories and the many happy endings that come from our efforts. Each adoption is a victory, and we cherish the moments when our rabbits find their perfect homes.

We also prioritize community outreach and educational workshops. Educating the public on proper rabbit care, diet, and living conditions helps prevent neglect and enhances the quality of life for pet rabbits. Our workshops are invaluable for both new and seasoned rabbit owners.

Here’s a snapshot of what we offer:

Medical CareHealth check-ups and treatmentsGuarantees rabbits are healthy
Spaying/NeuteringPopulation control and health benefitsPrevents overpopulation
SocializationInteraction and behavior trainingPrepares for adoption
Educational WorkshopsRabbit care and living conditions trainingEducates the community

Save-A-Bunny Melbourne

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Why not consider Save-A-Bunny Melbourne, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned and neglected rabbits in our community? This organization excels in providing a second chance for rabbits through their meticulous care and dedication. Each rabbit available for adoption has been spayed or neutered and is litterbox-trained, ensuring a smooth shift into your home.

Our experience with Save-A-Bunny Melbourne highlights their commitment to animal welfare. The rescue stories we’ve encountered are both heart-wrenching and inspiring, showcasing the profound impact of their work. They don’t just rescue rabbits; they rehabilitate them, giving these animals a chance to thrive in a loving environment.

For those of us who value freedom and want to contribute to a meaningful cause, volunteer opportunities abound at Save-A-Bunny Melbourne. Whether it’s helping with daily care or assisting in educational outreach, your efforts can make a tangible difference. Additionally, the organization hosts numerous fundraising events throughout the year, providing essential support for their mission.


Considering adopting a pet rabbit, we should explore PetRescue, Australia’s largest online directory for pet adoptions, which efficiently connects potential adopters with rescue organizations and shelters nationwide. This platform is an invaluable resource for ensuring adoption success and promoting rabbit welfare.

PetRescue’s online platform integration streamlines the entire adoption process. Here’s why we should consider it:

  1. Comprehensive Search Options: We can search for rabbits based on a variety of preferences including location, breed, and age, ensuring that we find the perfect match for our home environment.
  2. Detailed Rabbit Profiles: Each rabbit has a profile that includes photos, personality traits, and adoption requirements. This transparency helps us make an informed decision, ensuring the welfare of the rabbit and a successful adoption.
  3. Direct Communication: The platform allows us to directly contact rescue organizations to inquire about the adoption process. This direct line of communication facilitates a smoother and more efficient adoption experience.

Local Veterinary Clinics

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Another excellent option for adopting a pet rabbit is through local veterinary clinics, where we can benefit from their close ties with rabbit rescues and access to thorough medical care and advice. These clinics often work hand-in-hand with rescue organizations, ensuring that we’re connected with rabbits needing loving homes.

One of the significant adoption benefits of choosing a veterinary clinic is the assurance that the rabbits have received thorough medical attention. This includes vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and health checks, which are critical health considerations for any new rabbit owner. Knowing that our new pet is in good health allows us to focus on providing a nurturing environment right from the start.

Moreover, local veterinary clinics offer invaluable guidance on rabbit care, diet, and behavior. This expert advice can help us create a well-rounded care plan tailored to our rabbit’s specific needs, setting us up for successful pet ownership.


To wrap up, adopting a pet rabbit from reputable sources like RSPCA Victoria, Lort Smith Animal Hospital, The Rabbit Sanctuary, Melbourne Rabbit Rescue, Save-A-Bunny Melbourne, PetRescue, and local veterinary clinics guarantees you’re providing a loving home to a rabbit in need. Each of these organizations not only prioritizes animal welfare but also offers essential health insights and support.

Let’s commit to responsible pet adoption and give these wonderful rabbits the care they deserve.

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